Morgensterkerk English

English church services in Den Haag

Are you looking for an English church service in Den Haag, visit the ‘Morgensterkerk’ (Morning star church). We have church services every Sunday at 10:00. Our services are in Dutch and we provide simultaneous translation through headsets. We sing both Dutch and English songs, and occasionally songs in other languages. Songs texts are projected with a beamer. Visiting our church is a great way of meeting both local and international people of all walks of life and getting familiarized with Dutch. Our church service lasts one hour and a bit, after which we welcome you for coffee and tea.

Sharing Gods love in Den Haag

Our motto is: ‘Sharing Gods love in Den Haag’. We do this as a community by sharing Jesus Words and actions in the neighbourhoods we live in. We have initiated new communities in various parts of Den Haag. We initiated a new community in Bouwlust-Vrederust ( ) which is a neighbourhood close by as well as a new community in Ypenburg-Leidscheveen ( ) a neighbourhood at the other side of the city. Furthermore we are actively seeking contact with our neighbours with a muslim background, through Project Isa ( ). We regularly organize church services in Farsi language. Send us an email in case you want to learn more about our Farsi church services in Den Haag. We are supporting various local and regional charity activities, and we serve as a foodbank for our neighbourhood.

International community

We have members from many different nationalities within our community, from different continents. We welcome immigrants, refugees, international students, expats, and visitors. Whatever brought you to Den Haag, whether you are here for a short stay, or whether you plan to settle down here, feel welcome to visit us. Apart from our church services, we organize weekly dinners in the church. You are welcome to attend a dinner, please contact Sanneke van Rij for more information ( ).

Where to find us Our church is located between the ‘Zuiderpark’ and ‘Melis Stokepark’. We are very well reachable by public transport. There is a tram stop right in front of our church, tram stop ‘Den Haag, Loevesteinlaan’, and there are several bus stops nearby. The church is well reachable by car and bicycle. We have free parking space on our premises. Our address is Genemuidenstraat 212, 2545 NZ Den Haag. We hope to see you, maybe next Sunday!


Do you have any questions? Contact our church host Michael Kathiravelu, ,  06-24774201. He will be happy to answer them.